Ruth’s Shawl started through the prayers of a group of faithful women in Central California.  Eventually those same women formed the original Board of Directors of Ruth’s Shawl.  Now our current Board of Directors oversees the operations of Ruth’s Shawl and the work of our missionaries and supporting team in Malawi, Africa.  In accordance with our mission statement, we seek to be Ambassadors for Christ in Malawi through each and every aspect of our ministry.

Board Members
Robert Treat, Chair of the Board
Nora Braselton, Program Director
Ken Groza, Treasurer
Judith Canner, Secretary/Webmaster
Mark Vogel, Member
Mafunase Mzumacharo, Member
Holli High, Member
Selina Sakanda, Member
Rachel Chimbwete Phiri, Member

Supporting Team
Pastor Steve Braselton, Chaplain
Mary Cuva, Event Organizer
Monterey Care Team

Please pray for the direction and discernment of our Board and team in Malawi as we continue to seek guidance from our Lord each and every day because Ruth’s Shawl is not our ministry, it is the Lord’s ministry.