Ruth’s Shawl has purchased the beautiful 8.3 acres in Lilongwe District in 2012 with a special gift of designated funds in order to set up a ministry base, The Pavilion, Lilongwe.  The site is now fully fenced and has its own water well, caretaker house, and out buildings. The land, at this point, is all farm land in the midst of surrounding villages.  Ruth’s Shawl is growing maize, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and ground nuts for distribution to the children and staff at the Grace of God Orphanage and to others in need that the Lord brings to our attention.  This current growing season (2018-2019) the land was given a sabbath rest.

Ruth’s Shawl teams have been ministering in the surrounding area to build a relationship with the neighborhood and to introduce the local village Chiefs, leaders, and Elders to the potential teaching, training, and outreaches Ruth’s Shawl will provide for children, men, and women in the area as we assimilate into village life as ambassadors for Christ.

Please pray for the Lord to provide the funds to build The Pavilion and accompanying structures with the understanding that “unless the Lord builds a house, they labor in vain who build it.” (Psalm 127:1)  Continue to pray for the current ministry at the land to equip and enable the people to train others in the Gospel of Jesus Christ prior to, during, and after the construction of The Pavilion.