Chichewa Tools

There are very few resources and reading materials available in Chichewa.  In addition, it can be expensive to purchase a Bible for an individual.  Therefore, Ruth’s Shawl has developed easily printable materials in Chichewa including various books of the Bible.  All materials are used and translated with permission and are freely available upon request.

Bible Studies
  • Book of Ephesians
  • Book of Philippians
  • Book of Ruth (with illustrations)
  • Book of Esther
  • Book of Colossians
  • Book of I Timothy
  • Book of II Timothy
  • Book of Philemon
  • Book of John (with study notes)
Teaching Materials

We have translated several texts and sermon outlines into Chichewa.  These resources are available to anyone who is interested.

  • How to Study the Bible.
  • Bible Overview of all 66 books of the Bible.
  • Characteristics of a Believer in Jesus Christ.
  • The Privilege and Responsibility of Abiding in Christ
  • When do we Pray?
  • The False Teachings of the Jehovah Witnesses.