The beautiful land in the Ntchisi District was a gift in 2014 to Ruth’s Shawl from the Chiefs and people of one village in the Ntchisi District who wanted to learn more about the Word of God. The site is just over a half acre and has a water source right on the land. Ruth’s Shawl repeatedly ministers in five villages near the land with Bible teaching, children’s ministry, and adult literacy classes. Now, with the gift of the land, Ruth’s shawl has completed building the Pavilion as a Biblical Teaching Center to continue the ongoing ministry in the region.  The Pavilion includes classrooms and accommodations for the Ruth’s Shawl teaching teams and visiting teachers.  With the completed construction of The Pavilion, Ruth’s Shawl is able to stay for longer periods of time without the added expense of lodging, food, and fuel traveling back and forth between the two districts.

Please pray for the Lord to be glorified with His work through the Pavilion in Ntchisi District and that the current and continued training of the people will lead to the spread of the Gospel throughout Malawi.