Understanding The Times II

Dear Friends,

If you haven’t read the previous posting “Understanding The Times”, please go back and acquaint yourself with the Gospel of John Bible study in the Ntchisi District. I failed to mention that approximately 250 adults and youth are attendees in these combined five villages. We are now preparing the class members for their last exam scheduled for Nov. 5 and gearing up for our travel circuit to follow up with all the 5 villages as a wrap up of the Gospel of John study … first time ever that they have actually studied and completed a whole book of the Bible, verse by verse and chapter by chapter. What a privilege God has given RS to be a part of His Plan to proclaim His Word here.

Another component of Ruth’s Shawl  (RS) mission in Malawi is the on going teaching. training and discipleship in many different villages. Since 85%  of the approximately 16 million people in Malawi live, farm and stay close to their villages for an entire lifetime,  RS understood that our call was to the villages. So to receive the Lord’s wisdom and direction needed, RS has prayed from the beginning and continues to pray for knowledge to  understand this critical time here  …  that today is the day of salvation.  RS has  been sent to take His Word into the villages. These Village Outreaches hold the most challenges, the greatest joy and the hardest labor of love …. the sweetest results.

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We start every outreach with the first day of introductions, official greetings and expressions of welcome … through a interpreter of course … the language is Chichewa. Then, as it becomes dark, the Jesus Film (in Chichewa) is shown to the usual huge crowd that has gathered to see what’s happening, We are the only show around. For most people, it’s the first time to see a film/DVD much less the Biblical account of Jesus Christ’s life and purpose.  It is so incredible to see the different reactions and to hear the voices praying to receive Christ. 

I love this picture!!! This is the view I have behind the crowd of people. Your love, prayers and financial gifts make all of this possible … many souls for the Kingdom.

But we don’t focus on just seeing people to come to Christ, we stay and begin the process of teaching the Word so they can grow spiritually and mature to be ambassadors for Christ … making disciples. In addition to the Jesus film, we have taught entire books of of the Bible in the 18 villages …  Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians, I Timothy, II Timothy, Titus, Gospel of John, Esther, Ruth, Galatians and portions of many other Books. We also teach Pastors, church leadership, children/youth ministries , women studies and prophecy.

One of the favorite times for the villages is the time given to answering their questions. What a joy to take then into the Bible and show them where the answers are … for marriage, raising children, order in the church, qualifications for church leadership, salvation, baptism, death of a believer, communion and the soon return of Jesus  Christ.


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Here we are in the pine mountain area south of Lilongwe … this is a solid group of eager students … they have requested that RS set up an Inductive Bible study in their village similar to the one in the Ntchisi District … weekly. We are all praying that this will work out for next year … they were so happy to have the verse by verse teaching of I Timothy … most do not even have a Bible but RS designed a large print booklet with the Book of I Timothy in Chichewa and space for note taking… you can see them in the picture.  Thanking each of you who pray and give to make all of this possible … reaching those who have little opportunity to be taught the Word of God ….. how vital for RS to understand the times!!!