General Information

First, we ask all individuals and teams to pray before deciding whether to serve in Malawi with Ruth’s Shawl.  Second, all individuals and teams must complete the documentation and application process 2 months prior to departure.  First submit the online application for yourself or as the team leader.  After your application is reviewed you may receive a request for the following information:

Even a teenager can come and serve in Malawi!
Even a teenager can come and serve in Malawi!
  • Letter of recommendation from either your Pastor or from a para-church organization
  • Copy of the picture page of your Passport
  • Copy of Visa.  A passport, visa or entry permit, return ticket, and adequate funds are required for entry into Malawi. Effective October 1, 2015, U.S. citizens traveling to Malawi for tourism, transit or business must obtain a visa prior to arriving in Malawi.  Please check with your embassy on the fee associated with acquiring the visa.
  • Letters of permission and medical release from parents (if you are under 21 years of age) for any medical or legal issues.

 Each individual should also have the following:

  • A health checkup
  • International shots, vaccines, medication.  Please check with your physician and Center for Disease Control at for recommendations.
  • Anti-malarial medication

Time of travel is relatively flexible with enough prior notice, but Ruth’s Shawl does not host teams or individuals from November through January.  Here are some general conditions to consider as you pray over a possible time period to visit Malawi.

  • Best time to travel:  Late February through early November
  • Hottest months:  November through early-February
  • Coolest months:  Late May through July
  • Rainiest months:  Late November through January (no visitors accepted)
  • Malaria at its worst: November through February

Costs to travel to and in Malawi may vary, but airfare may cost up to $2,500 USD with daily expenses ranging from $50-150 USD depending on lodging, transportation, and meal options.  Please be advised that the Malawian government is considering adding an entrance/visa fee for all US citizens.  Check with the US Embassy for details.