October 2020

“Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God we’re pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s behalf, to be reconciled to God.” 2 Cor. 5:20

Thanking each one of you for praying for the ministry of Ruth’s Shawl. 

In this season of elongated uncertainty, lock downs and heavy restrictions that hinder the Spread of the Gospel; God has proven Himself ever so faithful to continue our growth, richly rooted and grounded in His Word, living in faith, trusting in His direction, bearing fruit and consistently learning to know and understand Him through His Word. How we praise and honor our Lord Jesus, who called us to be His Ambassadors for the Gospel.

The Prayer Update (August 2020) was a summation of Scriptures imparting confidence and dependence on our Loving Heavenly Father’s plan for Malawi. Please continue to pray with us so that many will come and be reconciled to God. The reality of the fact that God actually hears and answers prayer according to His Will is not to be overlooked. (I John 5:14,15)   

So, we have answers to the August – September- October prayers:

  • COVID is and has been a minimal problem here. Experts are scratching their heads trying to scientifically discover the reason why. Life in general and in the villages have gone back to normal as businesses, schools and churches are being revitalized. Very few deaths from COVID …. so much answered prayer !!!
  • The RS Team is cleared to return to the work in the village Ministry … still wearing masks and keeping a safe distance …. washing hands and warning signs with health instructions as pictured here at the RS Pavilion! Thanks to WM for this precaution equipment. More answered prayer 
  • All 14 Adult Literacy classes were restarted where they were shut down during Easter break in their villages … 205 students ready with school supplies, buckets and soap for hand washing  supplies … masks mandated by the government for all.
  • RS was able to be a blessing for the primary school near the RS Pavilion by bringing much needed buckets to the teachers and students there.

Prayers for funds to buy new equipment to show the Jesus Film have been answered. We are so thankful and blessed to be in the process of shopping for the best prices here in Malawi. Such a powerful and authentic way to Scripturally present the Gospel in Chichewa !

Please be praying for many to come to Christ

RS also thanks the Lord for the wisdom, discernment, protection, strength and good health … such answered prayer! All the glory and honor belong to Him
Keep praying …. there is still so much to do before He returns to reach the lost